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What you can do

Let's decorate Eric's hospital room! if u want to post an address for cards, banners, etc. for Eric, feel free:
Hedrich Creative Group,
306 Montgomery Ln,
Glenview, IL 60025

i set up a toll-free # 4 ppl 2 call & leave a short mssge I'll try 2 compile & get 2 Eric. its 888-880-4980.

1. Tweet. Tweet your little heart out. The more people become aware the better chance of change. We've got some great people tweeting for Eric and the cause, join the Eric ♥ twitter army and let others know! Wear the ♥#eric banner!
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2. Pray. Prayer is big.

3 . Advocate. Sign the petition at HCAN. There's been a flub in the system and unfortunately Eric, like many others, have fallen through the cracks. Our leaders need to be made aware that we need change and they need to do the right thing.

4. Become an Organ Donor Too many people die each year waiting for an organ transplant. Consider becoming an organ donor by visiting Donate Life America.

5. Donate $1. or more to the LifeGiver Project, the proceeds of which benefit Eric De La Cruz and/or other heart transplant patients in his situation (see below for more information).

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Contribution Information
Veronica De La Cruz has started the Life Giver Project in conjunction with Storeydreams Foundation, Inc. She hopes and prays that your donation will help breathe life into Eric as well as others. Storeydreams Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity in Beverly Hills, CA (Phone 562-590-7900) listed under IRS Publication 78. Tax-id number is 95-4295220.

June 21, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry

Please unite in prayer. Wherever you are - stop and pray for #Eric who is not doing well again this morning.

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
Eric is doing very badly. I am concentrating on having faith, not fear. Doctors want to speak with us at 11.Pls God, pls have mercy on #Eric

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web
We r working hard to get #Eric 2 pull thru this. BP is very low so they are giving him more blood right now. Me and Mom have been in and out (cont'd..) of his room praying w/him, holding his hand, telling him to b strong, hang in there, fight. We had a priest come in to pray w/us.He was very (cont'd..) specific with what he asked for. He said, "please God, we beg you for more time. Please give Eric more time." He also prayed for a new heart (cont'd..) for #Eric. And for #Eric to hang in there for his new heart. He put his hand on #Eric's head and asked God to please heal him. We've been (cont'd..) praying every second today 4 #Eric 2 pull thru. At one point #Eric tried 2 touch my Mom's face, so she grabbed his hand & put it 2 her cheek (cont'd..) I also told him that Noelle was coming in from Vegas and he reacted by lifting his hand and grabbing mine.We've played him the bible on tape (cont'd..) and also the msgs that you've been leaving for him. Thank you for your love, strength and prayers during this difficult time. I've never (cont'd..) seen #Eric this sick before but I am trying to be strong for him. I am trying to get my Mom to be strong for him too.Thank u 4 ur support xo

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck Hippo and Bear hold hands and pray for #Eric as they watch over him. We r praying for his bloodpressure 2 increase

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
Taking a moment to catch my breath. Went to the bathroom to splash some water on my face.A lot has happened today. #Eric is still struggling (cont'd..) @Siahoney was here earlier with her daughter and two brothers. Alyssa drew #Eric a picture which we taped to the outside of his window since (cont'd..) we can't bring anything in or take anything out of his room (protective isolation). Here's the pic: Eric & his dog

(cont'd..) He is saying to Chance "You are the best dog in the world." And Chance is saying "I love you, Eric". U can see that he's wagging his tail 2 (cont'd..) #Eric hasnt seen Chance for a month now. We also prayed a lot in the waiting room tonight. There is another family here that has been very (cont'd..) kind & supportive and together we did the rosary. The kindness of strangers is beautiful

(cont'd..) In the meantime, I am trying to be strong not only for #Eric but for my Mom who can't stop crying. I keep telling her to be strong too (cont'd..) We need to have faith right now. A mothers tears. We are pulling 4 #Eric. We can get thru this...

Kathy Jones tweets on from TweetGenius
@VeronicaDLCruz #Eric Your in my Thoughts & Prayers

Blazer Power tweets on from Seesmic Desktop
#Eric, twitter army behind you! BE STRONG!

kate tweets on from web
thoughts and prayers are with #Eric today.

Trent Reznor tweets on from Tweetie
Eric is doing very badly. I am concentrating on having faith, not fear. Pls God, pls have mercy on #Eric (via @VeronicaDLCruz)

LOLRez tweets on from web
i cant has lolcat 4 dis: Eric is doing very badly. I am concentrating on having faith, not fear. Pls God, pls have mercy on #Eric (c/o VDLC)
Doing very badly Eric is. Concentrating on having faith, not fear I am. Pls God, pls have mercy on #Eric (via @VeronicaDLCruz) Yesss.
Eric be doin' mighty badly. I be concentratin' on havin' faith, nah fear. Pls God, pls 'ave mercy on #Eric (via @VeronicaDLCruz)
ooc: these guys are still funny
Lauren Kolligs tweets on from Tweetie
Pray/think of #ERIC and @veronicadlcruz! Get better!

C. Eggz tweets on from TweetDeck
please, everyone pray for #Eric. I just feel sick about this right now....

Tania Risko tweets on from TweetDeck
We just had a prayer circle in our home for #Eric and @VeronicaDLCruz will you stop what your doing and have one too please

fridita666 tweets on from web
sending love & positive energy #Eric

Holly Jones tweets on from web
@siahoney prayers are going out like mad from this house! #ERIC is in thoughts constantly!

Vesko tweets on from Tweetie
@VeronicaDLCruz I'm not even religious and I'm praying. Best wishes to #Eric !

curt mowery tweets on from TwitPic - @VeronicaDLCruz sending love to both you and #Eric ... you are both an inspiration...

Mariam Malik tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz my paryers are with you and #Eric... Have Faith

Kayley tweets on from web
I am not religious, but #Eric is in my thoughts nonetheless.

My ParenTime Family tweets on from web
Sending thoughts, prayers & pixie dust to #Eric & @veronicadlcruz & family.

Cheryl Farr Leas tweets on from TwitterBerry
Very worried about #Eric. Please lift him up.

Jennifer Gelinas tweets on from Tweetie
Reading updates. Thinking of #Eric. Pull through!! Sending positive energy out to him and his family

Jun (UkuleleJammin) tweets on from TweetDeck
I dedicate this 2 #Eric @VeronicaDLCruz & family, @fittorrent #tara #paul & all your friends who are there beside you:

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