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What you can do

Let's decorate Eric's hospital room! if u want to post an address for cards, banners, etc. for Eric, feel free:
Hedrich Creative Group,
306 Montgomery Ln,
Glenview, IL 60025

i set up a toll-free # 4 ppl 2 call & leave a short mssge I'll try 2 compile & get 2 Eric. its 888-880-4980.

1. Tweet. Tweet your little heart out. The more people become aware the better chance of change. We've got some great people tweeting for Eric and the cause, join the Eric ♥ twitter army and let others know! Wear the ♥#eric banner!
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2. Pray. Prayer is big.

3 . Advocate. Sign the petition at HCAN. There's been a flub in the system and unfortunately Eric, like many others, have fallen through the cracks. Our leaders need to be made aware that we need change and they need to do the right thing.

4. Become an Organ Donor Too many people die each year waiting for an organ transplant. Consider becoming an organ donor by visiting Donate Life America.

5. Donate $1. or more to the LifeGiver Project, the proceeds of which benefit Eric De La Cruz and/or other heart transplant patients in his situation (see below for more information).

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Contribution Information
Veronica De La Cruz has started the Life Giver Project in conjunction with Storeydreams Foundation, Inc. She hopes and prays that your donation will help breathe life into Eric as well as others. Storeydreams Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity in Beverly Hills, CA (Phone 562-590-7900) listed under IRS Publication 78. Tax-id number is 95-4295220.

May 30, 2009

Randall Blank tweets on from Tweetie

Having some photos printed and mailed to @thedrich. Maybe @VeronicaDLCruz will use 1 or 2 to decorate Eric's room. #ERIC (cont'd..) I picked out a few that are nice and peaceful ... sending some well wishes to #ERIC from Connecticut

Amy ~ AllAboutEnergy tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz Holding my breath 4 #ERIC 's heart to come in... soon, it will be soon. Btw O+ is most common bloodtype,shd be easiest match

Holly Jones tweets on from web
#ERIC I'm no trent reznor but with #erics army I can stilldonate if you readmy articles on and get this train rolling.HollyJones
To find Holly's articles you can go here:
Jennifer Brenner tweets on from TweetDeck
I'm going outside now!! sending the beautiful rays of sunshine to #Eric and #Eric's army smile

TC Palm blogs: Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor uses Twitter for good
Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
Pls pray for Eric, he is doing horribly this morning. We need all of you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. #ERIC (cont'd..) Eric is surrounded by a team of doctors right now. Kidney, pulmonary and his CT surgeons (cont'd..) We just finished going over some paperwork with the doctors for Eric. They are going to take him in for an emergency VAD surgery. They are (cont'd..) Prepping him now. I will let you know when he goes in. Please keep praying for #ERIC.

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
They just took Eric in for surgery

Jesse P. Luna tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz We'll keep praying for him Veronica. We won't let up. #eric

Bonnie tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz Eric is in our prayers. Stay strong. #eric

Kendra Kellogg tweets on from web
@lilyofoz Pray more than ever. With so many hearts behind him he will push through. Twitter believes! #Eric

Lauren Fugate tweets on from web
Praying (even tho I'm not big on prayer) for #ERIC ...

Jeff Gillis tweets on from web
#Eric at this time Prayer vigil is being held & supported all across North America & beyond. Om Grace

jodylouize tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz We are all with you in spirit, and #Eric is in all of our collective thoughts.

Tanya Noel tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz Many ppl asking about #Eric from #140tc conf.& #HealthcareReform Forum2day.Many prayers&positive wishes going Eric's way!!

Anna Aguilar tweets on from web
Find out about VAD surgery #Eric

Tony Passarella tweets on from web
Praying for #eric, lord please listen to our prayers for him.

Cindy904 tweets on from web
Please pray #Eric!!!!!

PlusSizeMommy tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz keeping Eric in my prayers tonight #eric

Kelly tweets on from web
I know what my birthday wish will be tomorrow (((((((@VeronicaDLCruz))))))) #eric

Robert Atkinson tweets on from web
#ERIC I hope you pull through just fine!

Nikko Tan / Beanoo tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz hang in there. we'll be praying for him. #eric

Blazer Power tweets on from web
Will be praying and thinking about #Eric...

Eric Jacobson tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz Chin up, you guys will be alright. You're strong, you'll get through this, as will #ERIC We're behind you 1000%!

k tweets on from web
MAY i just say that i really am happy that @trent_reznor found out about @EricDLCruz #eric ... hes been a godsend!

Danny tweets on from web
I'm at Holy Mary Catholic church in Winnipeg praying for #eric. I urge u if you can to pray with me.

Eric Jacobson tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz Dunno if this helps: As an atheist, I don't pray. But I do have faith in the doctors and people around #ERIC. Love & Hope 2U

Shelley tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz been praying since I found out.. HARD. Thoughts to you all Veronica.. and especially for #ERIC GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web
Finally made it to my laptop. Tried to update earlier but Twitterberry would not work because it said Twitter was overcapacity. Right now I (cont'd..) think both me and Mom feel pretty numb. We've kind of been going through the motions since they took Eric in for surgery. He is surrounded (cont'd..) by a pretty good team of doctors and knew exactly what was going on when they took him. We all had to sign a bunch of consent forms together (cont'd..) so we are all aware of the risks involved. Basically -- Eric got really sick overnight. He wasnt doing very well when we came in this AM (cont'd..) and was saying he wasnt going to make it. The head of the transplant center had put a phone call in to me and suddenly Eric was being (cont'd..) paid visits from every doctor there -- pulmonary, kidney, all the CT surgeons etc...etc....they decided that putting in a VAD would be the (cont'd..) wisest decision to help his failing organs and to get him to transplant. It was becoming clear that Eric could not wait any longer even tho (cont'd..) it is harder to go from an implant device to transplant and there are more risks involved. They have to give Eric a Bi-Vad because of the (cont'd..) condition his heart is in. Normally they do an LVAD -- which they would attach only to the left ventricle, but in Eric's case they have to (cont'd..) do both left and right ventricles. Mom and I are really nervous because any way you look at it, it's open heart surgery and there are many (cont'd..) risks involved so I think we are both scared. Eric was being a trooper before he went in. He was scared too so I put on a relaxation cd. He (cont'd..) wasn't having any of it. Especially the part where it said to relax and pretend you are on a beach. He gave me a dirty look so I took it (cont'd..) off (just trying to help). I asked him if I should play some music and he said yes, so I opened up my iTunes and looked for stuff that might (cont'd..) be calming....something he would like. I ended up playing Thievery Corporation and that seemed to do the trick. He was starting to relax. (cont'd..) When I played Lebanese Blonde he even bobbed his head a little so we were all relieved. Eventually he fell asleep, which was the best (cont'd..) possible thing that could happen. The doctors were happy because he hadn't eaten for 3 days - so there was nothing in his stomach. They felt (cont'd..) it was a good time to do this surgery. They told us the first incision would take place around 6 local time. They also told us to go home (cont'd..) because they felt like it would be a pretty long process. We are going to head back to the hospital around midnight.We've been lucky because (cont'd..) Michele, who works with Trent, has been with us to make sure that we are eating etc...Mom and I have been like zombies. Noelle, Eric's ex is (cont'd..) still here too. Before Eric went in he gave us a thumbs up and mouthed "I LOVE YOU" to all three of us. We promised him we would see him (cont'd..) as soon as he was finished. They told us when he comes out he will be on a ventilator and unable to speak to us. We are just praying now (cont'd..) that everything goes well. I have utter confidence in all the doctors and the team that he is with. Eric has quite a fan base around the (cont'd..) hospital. They all really like him, so I am sure they will take good care of him. Now it's just a waiting game.....Pls keep praying. XO#ERIC

Trent Reznor tweets on from web
Let's focus the community spiritually to aim positive energy and prayer to #Eric. He needs it right now. THANK YOU. (cont'd..) And I'm sure @VeronicaDLCruz and her mom could use some positive reinforcement (and hugs) as well. THANK YOU ALL.
@trent_reznor TY. We appreciate all the love, strngth, prayers & support u've been sending our way. I know #ERIC has. Will keep u updated xo

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web
Thank u for all ur prayers. @Ronsayro, thx 4 going 2 church. I am praying with you too. Love 2 all of u 4 ur support xo #ERICS TWITTER ARMY

Mike Vee tweets on from web
Pray for #ERIC !! The power of many mind praying for the same thing can (& hopefully will) work. Thanx & RT please

The real me tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz Prayers for your brother #Eric and the whole family!

Lotus Blossom tweets on from web
@veronicadlcruz Please know that we are (((SENDING THOUGHTS OF HEALING LIGHT & LOVE TO #ERIC))) & (((HUGS))) to you & your family. Breathe~

sunshels tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz praying for #Eric.

JadeCryingwolf tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz #ERIC is in my thoughts, as are you and your family.

fm tweets on from web
what positive energy I have left I will surely wish on its way to #Eric and family. It's a sad situation & I wish I could do more.

Danny tweets on from web
If #eric shows a 10th of the strength his sister has shown, he will get through this with ease. He has the support of an ARMY!

alycia sevier tweets on from web
#Eric our prayers are with you!

Daniel: Weston tweets on from web
prayers to #Eric

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web
Great news, hospital just called and said SO FAR, SO GOOD! We have a few more hours to go. The transplant coordinator who called us was in (cont'd..) very good spirits & even made a joke -- she laughed & said "hopefully he wakes up smarter & nicer".;) We r feeling pretty good right now.

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web
@Trent_Reznor Hospital called. So far, so good! We'll continue to update.....few more hours to go. Thx everyone 4 the prayers. xo

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