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Let's decorate Eric's hospital room! if u want to post an address for cards, banners, etc. for Eric, feel free:
Hedrich Creative Group,
306 Montgomery Ln,
Glenview, IL 60025

i set up a toll-free # 4 ppl 2 call & leave a short mssge I'll try 2 compile & get 2 Eric. its 888-880-4980.

1. Tweet. Tweet your little heart out. The more people become aware the better chance of change. We've got some great people tweeting for Eric and the cause, join the Eric ♥ twitter army and let others know! Wear the ♥#eric banner!
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2. Pray. Prayer is big.

3 . Advocate. Sign the petition at HCAN. There's been a flub in the system and unfortunately Eric, like many others, have fallen through the cracks. Our leaders need to be made aware that we need change and they need to do the right thing.

4. Become an Organ Donor Too many people die each year waiting for an organ transplant. Consider becoming an organ donor by visiting Donate Life America.

5. Donate $1. or more to the LifeGiver Project, the proceeds of which benefit Eric De La Cruz and/or other heart transplant patients in his situation (see below for more information).

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Contribution Information
Veronica De La Cruz has started the Life Giver Project in conjunction with Storeydreams Foundation, Inc. She hopes and prays that your donation will help breathe life into Eric as well as others. Storeydreams Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity in Beverly Hills, CA (Phone 562-590-7900) listed under IRS Publication 78. Tax-id number is 95-4295220.

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Listen to Veronica on Health Care Connect.. mp3 streams below!

Eric De La Cruz is a young man with severe dilated cardiomyopathy. His health is failing and he needs a new heart as soon as possible. Because of unfortunate circumstances, he has faced tremendous obstacles in getting on the transplant list as a status 1a candidate. He has since had emergency bi-VAD surgery and is awaiting re-listing on the transplant list as soon as he recovers sufficently. Prayers are requested to help Eric get through the next stage of this saga as he remains in critical condition awaiting a donor.

Anyone could have fallen into his situation. Thanks to tremendous efforts lead by his sister Veronica and thousands of strangers banded together by the Internet, who are now affectionately known as Eric's twitter ♥ army , they have fought through the numerous obstacles and miles of health care red tape to get Eric an opportunity for a life-saving heart transplant. And in the process, Eric's battle has raised awareness across the country of gaps in our health care system that no one should fall through. Now is the opportunity for your voice to be heard. For Eric. And for all of us.


Janes Addiction Tony Hawk

A letter from fund-raising supporters Nine Inch Nails:
We have become involved with raising money to help save the life of Eric de la Cruz, a young man who's in dire need of a heart transplant but has been consistently rejected by our country's broken, uncaring health care system. [...] hopefully [we will] shine some light on a health care crisis that's affecting millions of other people in similar situations every day. -- Trent Reznor

Act now. Donate for Eric. Sign the Petition. Send a Card. Become an Organ Donor.

But above all else, do something. And do not let this happen to anyone else again. LifeGiver Project

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tweet + log = twlog (pronounced twih-LAWG) : A log or snapshot of a tweet or set of tweets, or of media tweeted from one or more persons that captures important milestones that relate to a particular theme. ooc: ya you heard it here first wink

July 10, 2009

Saying goodbye... to my little brother Eric De La Cruz.

I love you and will always miss you,


July 5, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web

For #Eric's Twitter Army Thank you for all your love, kindness, & support.With love&sadness, the De La Cruz Family

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July 4, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web

It's been a really long night&#ERIC's been struggling. We've been by his bedside round the clock & we are hoping that u're prayers will help (cont'd..) The last time we all had group prayer & sent #ERIC positive thoughts & energy, it really made a difference. Pls pray 4 #ERIC right now. #ETA (cont'd..) #ERIC, I love u. U can do this. U can pull thru. We r all here 4 you. Me, Mom, your entire Twitter Army. We love you #ERIC. WE R PRAYING 4 U

July 2, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry

#Eric had a rough night&it's continued 2 b a rough day. He has a fever&though xrays show his lungs r clearing, he's still fighting infection

Rikki Lea tweets on from TweetDeck
Calling all #ETA ! 6pm Prayer call for #Eric ! Don't forget smile Say a prayer for #Tara as well !

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
So worried about #Eric 2day. His BP is low again&he keeps bucking the ventillator. He starts hyperventillating&can't get air into his system (cont'd..) He has a very high fever - 103. They have a cooling blanket on him. He hasn't been able to shake that infection

(cont'd..) They are changing the Eric's lines so they had us leave his room. Like I mentioned before, I am very worried about him today. (cont'd..) and it really scares me. It's been very difficult because all the methods I used to use with #ERIC before (playing him music etc) (cont'd..) aren't working. They've turned his sedatives way down, but have to go up and down like a yo yo bc he can't seem to tolerate it when they (cont'd..) r barely there. The past two days he has almost come all the way down and then he starts panicking and they have to go all the way back up (cont'd..) again. I used to talk to him, rub his hands and feet, play him music, pray with him, but now if he hears your voice he panics and starts (cont'd..) breathing 2 fast. I am so frustrated, I dont know what 2 do. I really want 2 help him thru this & offer him support, esp now w/ his fever (cont'd..) but am unsure of how 2 do it. I never knew getting him off the breathing tube would be so difficult & I can tell #ERIC is really struggling. (cont'd..) Mom started crying today because she is scared that we are putting him thru too much and she hates seeing him suffer like this. (cont'd..) I agree w/ her it's been difficult watching him struggle/suffer but I believe that he wants to fight so there are no other options (cont'd..) We have to keep pushing forward. #ERIC can do this. If anyone has any tips on weaning someone off a breathing tube (psychology behind it) (cont'd..) that would be helpful. Every night we make a msg to play 4 #ERIC while he sleeps. Here is a pic of our workstation:

(cont'd..) I make all the messages using Garage Band and Sarah helps me find all the research to put the msgs together. (cont'd..) This is a pic of us from 2 nights ago when #ERIC was doing much better. I look way more relaxed

(cont'd..) THX 2 Josh and family Sara Joy, Barbara and Bill for taking this to AMMA so she could bless #ERIC w/ a hug

(cont'd..) And to @MoWandell 4 bringing this back 4 me from Amma. I draw strength from it everyday. Esp the middle stone:

(cont'd..) And of course to #ERIC'S TWITTER ARMY, whose cards I AM STILL TRYING 2 GET THRU 4 #ERIC! The boxes keep coming. On behalf of #ERIC - TY! (cont'd..) You guys have been wonderful and I always turn to you 4 love, strength and support. I know Mom does too. Now let's get #ERIC thru this!!!

July 1, 2009

Take some 3 minutes to watch this video and listen to Veronica explain her brother Eric's situation and the need for healthcare reform.

Sources for the audio was taken from Dr. Ruben's interview of Veronica De La Cruz on Health Care Connect (Tuesday's on Sirius 114 or XM 119 on Doctor Radio 12-2pm Eastern). This episode was taped June 11, 2009. Background music is Nine Inch Nail's song Closer from the Downward Spiral album.

You can also download or listen to the mp3 here:

The soundtrack is by, video is by @thedrich.

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
Been here in the hospital all day with #Eric. They are trying to wean him off the breathing tube - which is proving 2 b quite a challenge. (cont'd..) They've been bringing his sedation down, but then he becomes very aware of the tube and panics. His monitor starts beeping and going nuts. (cont'd..) I just worry that he is not getting enough oxygen. The past hour he has done well. He fell asleep and I did too at his bedside. (cont'd..) Its been interesting watching him re-learn everything. I can only imagine it's like catching baby's first steps. (cont'd..) Everytime he does something new I clap or get really excited. Yesterday he shook his head yes for the first time. He wiggled his toes. (cont'd..) He's still hanging tough and fighting. He has gotten really skinny though. He hasn't had real food in more than a month, just a feeding tube (cont'd..) and that makes me worry. He is tossing and turning a bit so I will write more soon. Xo

June 30, 2009

Jamie-lee tweets on from TweetDeck

I'm praying to a God I don't believe in #eric

June 29, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck

Hi Friends, home after a really long day. Mom was feeling sick again - hasn't been eating much food and complaining of stomach pains (cont'd..) so we had to take her back to the doctor. Thank goodness for Michele, because she is such a help. I spent the majority of the day w/ #ERIC (cont'd..) while Michele took Mom to the doctor. #ERIC is waking up a lot more, which is good and bad. Good because he is moving around more, (cont'd..) which is nice to see, but bad because I can tell he is uncomfortable and hates his breathing tube. His chest x-rays are more than (cont'd..) 50% improved, which is gr8 bc it means his lungs r clearing up. The doctors were so surprised, they said they couldn't believe (cont'd..) they were looking at an X-ray of the same person. (cont'd..) You probably remember by now just last wknd the doctors didn't think #ERIC would make it. Well, here we week later! Yay! (cont'd..) I am so proud of him. SO PROUD! Tomorrow is a big day for #ERIC, they are going to try to wake him up completely. I am excited but scared (cont'd..) bc I know he hates the breathing tube and it's going to be tough having him awake with the tube still in. If he does well however, (cont'd..) they are talking about extubating him by Wednesday or Thursday. I am in no rush. I just want #ERIC to be comfortable. (cont'd..) I can't believe how far we've come in one week. It's a miracle. Everyday I see God at work in #ERIC's room. I am falling asleep as I write. (cont'd..) I hope this is making sense. I tried 2 add everyone w/ an #ERIC banner. Welcome to #Eric's Twitter Army!! Wish him luck 2moro. Good night xo

June 28, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from web

Hey Friends...quick update. It's been hard to tweet bc we don't have an internet connex in the new place. Regardless, I can't begin 2 tell u (cont'd..) how nice it is being so close to the hospital. We moved all day Fri and then Mom got sick, so I have been juggling taking care of her & Eric (cont'd..) Michele was a Godsend yesterday. She took Mom to the Dr. while I stayed w/ #ERIC in the hospital. She may have the flu, but doctors think (cont'd..) it's her diabetes. Typical Mom; the doctors had prescribed her insulin pills/injections & she was foregoing injections in an effort 2 save $ (cont'd..) I am very proud of #ERIC. The doctors are shocked at his turn-around. His numbers r holding steady and we are inching along, making progress (cont'd..) It's been babysteps, but there is progress. The next challenge is getting him off the breathing tube.They r slowly trying 2 take down his O2 (cont'd..) I can tell this really bothers him bc he hasn't been oxygenating as high.He looks like he's having a bit of trouble and it makes me nervous (cont'd..) Otherwise, he is starting to do a bunch of stuff I have never seen before. Yesterday he scrunched his face up. He's moved his lips. (cont'd..) And he gave me the biggest handsqueeze ever. Mandy on Twitter sent a prayerbook and I told #ERIC we were going 2 pray together. (cont'd..) He squeezed my hand really hard! It's always nice when something like that happens. He is still completely sedated and I truly believe that (cont'd..) doesn't matter. I believe #ERIC can still hear me even if he isn't always responsive.

Lauren Kolligs tweets on from Tweetie
Remember and pray for #ERIC. For he is still with us, and needs are support.

June 27, 2009

Natalie Williams tweets on from Tweetie

@UkeJamz thanks for the intro to twt for #ERIC prayers go out to him & fam. My son has a <3 condition. Today I will become an organ donor.

June 26, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry

Why we need HC/organ distribution&transplantation reform & why healthcare should not b 4 profit (PLS READ): #Eric
This week it was reported that Steve Jobs, the CEO and cofounder of Apple, underwent a liver transplant two months ago. One detail concerning Jobs's transplant seemed odd: The surgery took place at a hospital in Tennessee, some 2,000 miles from Jobs' home in northern California. Why Tennessee?

The answer sheds light on the intricacies of the organ transplant system, as well as why it's sometimes easier for people with significant financial resources to get an organ transplant. (Jobs' estimated net worth: $5.7 billion.)

ooc: go read the rest!
Daily Kos writes Denying a Public Option Denies Life for #Eric De La Cruz and Others
Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
I am really happy to see that #Eric has been able to bring together so many people. (cont'd..) I love that new friends have come out of this situation and that #ETA is standing strong! It really gives me hope and inspiration. (cont'd..) PLS FOLO EVERY1 in #ETA. Love, prayer, inspiration, positive energy & MUSIC can help u achieve anything. #FF #ERIC'S TWITTER ARMY (cont'd..) Good morning #ETA! It's moving day for me and Mom. No more hotels, no more one hour plus drives to get to the hospital....we finally found (cont'd..) an apartment in Los Angeles close to the hospital. #Eric is hanging tough this morning. Still trying to fight off the infection in his lungs (cont'd..) but the doctors changed the flow on his right VAD in hopes that it will allow that area in his lungs where the infection is to dry out (cont'd..) We've been spending very long days at the hospital, filling his room with as much love, prayers and positive energy as possible. (cont'd..) Every night before we leave we make a message for #ERIC to listen to throughout the night with positive affirmations. (cont'd..) Last night Sarah came to visit and we played some of the music that he made and I noticed his BP went up and he tried to raise his arm (cont'd..) a few times. We even danced around a little to cheer him up (he was sedated, but I believe he can still hear everything). (cont'd..) Sarah and I also massage #Eric's hands and feet while he sleeps so he stays comfortable and we've been doing reflexology. We also (cont'd..) do some exercises the nurses gave us to help him stretch a little since he has been in bed now for more than a month. Here is (cont'd..) a picture I took last night of Sarah at #Eric's bedside: Today we r going to put more pictures around #Eric's room

(cont'd..) Hippo and Bear are now holding pictures for #ERIC (don't they look happier?)

(cont'd..) And Sarah gave me this photo for #ERIC's room 2. #ERIC took Sarah 2 a Ducks game before he was hospitalized:

(cont'd..) (Thank u for the photo Sarah, it's beautiful). We are going to print that one out and put it in his room too. So the radiologists finally (cont'd..) confirmed that they did not see anything on #ERIC's CT scans except for the infection still in his lungs (yay) -- so we are still headed in (cont'd..) the right direction. Thanks as always for marching with us and lending us your strength. #ERIC loves you. We all do. More soon. xo

Michelle tweets on from Twitlonger
DC RALLY & A CALL FOR HELP TO THE #ERIC TWITTER ARMY! I just got back from the ... Read More:

Jesse P. Luna tweets on from TweetDeck
This video was created for #Eric a week ago by @joycetorresyap Has some of the Twitter Army

Jesse P. Luna tweets on from TweetDeck
Wow, I missed this video as well RT @bagoflips Video of encouragement and love for #Eric and @VeronicaDLCruz.

June 25, 2009

Jamie-lee tweets on from TweetDeck

OK so here is the video for #Eric

siahoney tweets on from TweetDeck
#ERIC 's Twitter Army, let's support @meeshnyc while she marches in DC today for #ERIC !!!

siahoney tweets on from TweetDeck
I can't believe... the messages are so amazing! They have put a permanent smile on my face for the rest of my day! #ERIC

Eric tweets on from TweetDeck
@VeronicaDLCruz heck, I'm not even the praying type and I pray for #Eric every day. Please pray for my uncle John also waiting for donor <3

Michelle tweets on from UberTwitter
Passed out 250 #ERIC fliers @ DC Rally in 10 mins & really wish I brought more. There's 1000's of people here! Will post pix tonight!

Ryan Burkett tweets on from txt
We're pulling for you #eric. Your fight is an inspiration to many. You will beat this.

Kathy Jones tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz sending you Love & Prayers #ERIC

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
#Erics Twitter Army: Pls pull 2gether 4 #Eric again today. Before we left last night he was running a slight fever again (99.9), which shows (cont'd..) that he isnt completely out of the woods yet with his infection. His heart also went into a V-TAC rhythm and then starting beating (cont'd..) at 143 beats per minute for 15-20 minutes straight. They brought the EKG machine into his room and as soon as they did, his heart went back (cont'd..) into a normal rhythm, beating at about 89-92. We are thankful he has the VAD, which overrides his heart and continues to pump blood (cont'd..) to the organs. It was very scary. We stayed at the hospital pretty late last night. Special thanks to Eric's friend Sarah, who stayed (cont'd..) pretty late with me and helped me make #Eric's nightly positive affirmations recording. Thanks again #ETA 4 all the amazing work (cont'd..) you've been doing. If you haven't seen this AMAZING video from @jlee_ , PLS watch it: (cont'd..) And pls check out this video from @TheExpert The love and positivity (not to mention creativity and talent) (cont'd..) of #Eric's Twitter Army continues to inspire and amaze all of us here at the hospital. TY so much 4 all that you do. Another update soon. xo

June 24, 2009

Evan Krambuhl tweets on from TweetDeck

@VeronicaDLCruz didn't see great news about eric until just now, #eric has brought me closer to believing in god, I never thought I could.

Lily tweets on from web
@jannagae i've learnt a lot from #eric - he is a big inspiration 2 me. 2 endure, with faith, in the face of such hardship? gives me faith 2

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
Thank you so much for sending all of your love, prayers, positive energy. I've been playing ur messages and reading them to Eric (cards etc) (cont'd..) & really believe they make a difference. Thanks so much 4 helping in the fight. They've taken #Eric off two more drips bc his BP is finally (cont'd..) stabilizing. We are making strides and I am so proud of him. More soon xo

Michelle tweets on from web
@siahoney @UkeJamz @jesseluna - Thnx 4 help w/buttons 4 DC. Here's a mockup. My printer isn't great but it will...

ooc: sweet! a tweet4eric button is going to the DC March!
Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
We are back out in th waiting room while they change #Eric's sheets, dressings etc and turn him. It's been a great morning, very relaxing (cont'd..) The doctor peeked his head in the room and said, "I don't know what you are doing it, but KEEP DOING IT!" (cont'd..) Eric has had more kidney output in the past two days than he had in the 3 days prior, it's been amazing. (cont'd..) And the nurses were commenting that they haven't seen his pressures looking so good. We are ecstatic. This morning we spent some time w him (cont'd..) listening to one of his favorites "Cinematic Orchestra" and I massaged his hands and feet for him. He was pretty zonked out. (cont'd..) Before that I asked him 2 squeeze my hand & he gave me the hardest squeeze yet (big victory, its been days since he's been able to do that) (cont'd..) And Mom was excited that he was almost able to lift his arm/hand all the way to his face. Not quite there yet, but almost. He is still under (cont'd..) pretty heavy sedation, so hopefully when he is not under anymore all this stuff will be a piece of cake. In the meantime, all the doctors (cont'd..) and nurses can't believe the turn around. We were very worried on Monday and things were not looking good, but #Eric's determined& it shows. (cont'd..) We've been keeping his room FULL of LOVE, he has lots of cards, his hockey jersey's hangin up, pix of Chance....Noelle and Josh r here 2 (cont'd..) Yesterday Mom and I had a sing-a-long...we listened to all the music we did growing up, Neil Diamond, Elton John....the Beatles (cont'd..) I cried a little when we all sang "Hey Jude" around his bed, because when Mom&I were driving from Vegas to LA while he was being airlifted, (cont'd..) I couldnt find any channels on the radio (driving thru desert) except for one station -- and it was playing "Hey Jude". Anyway, the whole (cont'd..) experience moved me to tears. The past day and a half have been phenomenal. I am going to continue w the music therapy. We've also been (cont'd..) playing positive affirmations while he sleeps. If anyone wants 2 leave a message with these, pls do: TOLL FREE 888.880.4980. LOVE 2 U all xo

Andy Paco tweets on from TweetDeck
@VeronicaDLCruz Doctor said "i dont know what your are doing.." Its the power of FAITH and PRAYER from the #eric army. God is moving...

Evan Krambuhl tweets on from TweetDeck
Thank you #Eric you've renewed my faith in the generousity of people. Nobody wants anything for themselves, it's about you right now.

Niko tweets on from TweetDeck
I am a former pessimist...from now on, thanks to #Eric, I will always leave room for hope.

Michelle tweets on from web
@siahoney @jesseluna @dronsayro @thedrich @UkeJamz If anyone asks about the buttons tell them to check out Thanks!

Courtesy of @UkeJamz here are the images for the #Eric buttons. Feel free to download them and create your own buttons. Here are some options:

Kinkos or your local copy/print shop - bring them the image and they can make the button for you. Usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Michael's or any craft store - they have button making kits or button "cases" where you can add your own image.

There are also people who specialize in making buttons & signs. Check your local listings!

That said, here are the images. Good luck!

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
Eric's Twitter Army: Pls stop what u r doing and send a prayer/positive energy to #Eric. He is undergoing more CT scans. Pls pray #ERIC (cont'd..) Eric is finally stable enough so they wanted to take him for another round of testing. Pls pray 4 #Eric right now. They just took him (cont'd..) 2 another floor for testing. Pls pray/send positive, healing thoughts and energy. Thank you so much. xo #ERIC

Denise tweets on from web

Rachel Zabrodsky tweets on from TweetDeck
Praying for #Eric!! <3

tweetip tweets on from Tweetie
When you get older Eric, we'll teach u 2 fly. Come UP with US! #Eric

Tan tweets on from web
Get well #eric !

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
RT @mcshelleyshell: God is Omnipresent .Everywhere .Guardian Angel candle still burning for #Erics recovery

ooc: I grew up with that particular image and its one of my fridge magnets today..
Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
God, pls hear our prayers for #ERIC that he comes out of these tests fine, that he has a full recovery. Pls hear our prayers God #ERIC

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
God, pls hear our prayers for #ERIC that he comes out of these tests fine, that he has a full recovery. Pls hear our prayers God #ERIC

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
2nd round of phone msgs 4 ERIC w/ special msg from @Trent_Reznor: Pls keep calling w positive thoughts/nrg 888.880.4980

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
Doctors just came back. They said they found NOTHING! And said -- WE ARE STILL HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION #ERIC (cont'd..) They said they still need the radiologist to look at them, but they were both beaming from ear to ear and were happy. Thank you God. #ERIC

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
Thank you for praying for #Eric, sending positive love and energy, during his scans. I am so happy right now!!! Go Eric, go! #ERIC xo

The Expert tweets on from web
For #Eric De La Cruz & @veronicadlcruz You keep fighting. We're with ya: (RT)

June 23, 2009

The NIN Hotline tweets on from Tweetie

Latest batch of #Eric auctions end today! Bid on boots from @blindoldfreak & PtP test vinyl from @modwheelmood.

Amber Schaecher tweets on from TweetDeck
Sending you well wishes and prayers of strength!! #Eric #Tara #Josh

Tim Hedrich tweets on from web
Who's going/wld like 2 go 2support #Eric (& others like him) in DC, 6/25 @ the National Rally 4 Healthcare Re4m? Contact me 4 info (PLS RT)

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
Quick update while they change Eric and move him around. I've been with him all morning, playing him music and singing. Playing everything (cont'd..) from dance music to downtempo (he really is responsive to Tosca), Neil Diamond bc we used to listen to it w Mom and MGMT, who his friend (cont'd..) Just did a remix for. I've been dancing around his room and singing, massaging his hand.We decorated his room more, put his hockey jersey up (cont'd..) Read all his cards to him (thank u), and I was talking to him about Tosca, and he opened his eyes and looked at me (he hasn't done this in (cont'd..) days) he squeezed my hand and tried to kiss it. The nurses came in and upped his sedation, but God, I can feel u in the room today and I am (cont'd..) so happy. Eric is doing better. He had kidney output and his bp is up. I made him a messae and asked the nurses to play it over and over (cont'd..) The message says "I am healthy and strong. I play hockey and I have a powerful mind. I can do this. I can run with my dog Chance, spend time (cont'd..) with my Mom&sister...." and so on and so forth. His friends r coming 2day. We r going to have a dance party in his room. Progress is being (cont'd..) Made. I'm so happy right now, I am shaking.

Rob E tweets on from TwitterFox
@VeronicaDLCruz nevermind the neighbors. and i'm not a religious person, yet still feel compelled to pray for #Eric.

June 22, 2009

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck

Kind of strange waking up in the hospital and being here before all the doctors. Mom and I slept in the waiting room last night. I just (cont'd..) went down to the cafeteria to get some coffee and am waiting for the nurses to finish doing a couple of things with #Eric. One of his (cont'd..) favorite nurses, Eamon is on with him today, so that's good news. I had a strange dream last night, or a few of them actually. Mom and I (cont'd..) listened to your phone messages (1888.880.4980) again before we crashed and also watched (cont'd..) @DavidHoang's video he made for #Eric, which made my Mom cry. I think because it was the (cont'd..) last thing we watched before I fell asleep, I ended up having a dream I was figure skating to the song "Hurt", and then suddenly all of (cont'd..) #Eric's Twitter Army had gotten together to march. We were at Union Station in Los Angeles. But all of you were there, and you were all (cont'd..) holding signs and demanding health care reform. It was a pretty powerful dream. I think it's probably a sign. Something more obviously needs (cont'd..) to be done, but I need your help. I am going back in to see #Eric now. Another update soon. xo

leftfield tweets on from TweetDeck
@veronicadlcruz #ERIC will be in my thoughts all day, here is a rainbow from my youngest drew for the room

ooc: wow that was a lot of tweets to go through this weekend.. more tweets said over this weekend then any other two days of tweets ever.
Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TwitterBerry
Still waiting to talk to the Drs who are rounding. Takes awhile bc they stop at every room, stand in front of it&debate what needs 2 b done (cont'd..) I am very scared right now, Eric is having another complication. Doctor R is in his room. My mom can't take it, she just walked out. #Eric (cont'd..) Comforting Mom. We are praying to St Jude. #Eric
--- toekneebee tweets on from web
@VeronicaDLCruz My sister is named Judey (after St. Jude) and survived a medical miracle herself. I'll ask her to pray for #Eric. (cont'd..) @VeronicaDLCruz O glorious Apostle St. Jude, true relative of Jesus and Mary, I salute you through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. #eric (cont'd..) @VeronicaDLCruz Through this Heart, I praise and thank God for all the graces He has bestowed upon you. #eric (cont'd..) @VeronicaDLCruz Humbly prostrate before you, I implore you through this Heart to look down upon me with compassion. #eric (cont'd..) @VeronicaDLCruz Despise not my poor prayer and let not my trust be in vain. #eric (cont'd..) @VeronicaDLCruz To you has been assigned the privilege of aiding mankind in the most desperate cases. #eric (cont'd..) @VeronicaDLCruz Oh, come to my aid that I may praise the mercies of God. #eric (cont'd..) @VeronicaDLCruz All my life I will be grateful to you and will be your faithful client until I can thank you in heaven. Amen. #eric
--- Frederick Nacino tweets on from web
This weekend I was in LA with my sister @siahoney. #eric (cont'd..) I accompanied @siahoney with my brother @tanker9o9 and Alyssa to bring some food over to @VeronicaDLCruz and Tita #eric (cont'd..) (tita just means auntie in filipino). #eric (cont'd..) I was immediately struck by how cramped the waiting room was. It reminded me of a dentist office waiting room. #eric (cont'd..) The waiting room doesn't look like a comfortable place at all and #eric (cont'd..) I felt bad for Veronica and Tita for having to sit in such a cramped place day/night to be with #Eric. (cont'd..) And poor Tita has to wobble around the cramped space on a walker because of her recently broken leg.#eric (cont'd..) They definitely looked weary. And obviously were crying from all the latest bad news. Tita admitted as much. #eric (cont'd..) My sister says she hasn't seen them look this bad of all the times she's seen them. #eric (cont'd..) Tita did manage to make me laugh. I mentioned how surprised I was that @trent_reznor does so much for #eric behind the scenes. (cont'd..) Tita: @trent_reznor is my favorite singer. #eric (cont'd..) Veronica and Tita talked a lot about the calls coming in (888-880-4980) #eric (cont'd..) the calls give them great comfort and strength so keep them coming. #eric (cont'd..) A small suggestion: try to find something short and interesting to say with your call #eric (cont'd..) The calls are their small window to the outside world, especially Tita since she doesn't use the Internet. #eric (cont'd..) Keep @VeronicaDLCruz and Tita in your prayers and thoughts. They definitely need it as well as #Eric. (cont'd..) And if you can figure a way to make a cramped waiting room feel not so cramped let me know. #eric

Veronica De La Cruz tweets on from TweetDeck
I've noticed his BP increase when I play them. Here are the msgs if you would like to hear: TY so much for your love

Aileen tweets on from web
Join the #Eric De LaCruz facebook group! PLS RT! #Eric Twitter Army

redvsblue42 tweets on from web
@Trachena, @VeronicaDLCruz Trachena: We need all Christian soldiers praying for boy named Eric, Needs heart transplant. #eric


Eric is still not doing so well. His blood pressure has dropped and doctors are struggling to keep his BP up. More prayers and good will thoughts pour in. Alyssa makes another drawing for Eric. The rosary is said for Eric in the waiting room. Trent Reznor tweets for Eric once again.
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Eric still has pneumonia. He has become resistant to one of the antibiotics he is on. A video project is announced by @curt_mowery for Eric.
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Eric is still not doing so well. People continue their thoughtful support and prayers. David Hoang produces a beautiful video for Eric. @taniasue paints an Eric heart.
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ooc: great video David!

Eric's right lung, where his oversized heart is resting on, collapses. He developes pneumonia and infections. Prayers and well wishes go out to Eric. People have mass said for Eric. A tibetan prayer flag is made for Eric. People offer their prayers over twitter.
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Veronica goes on the radio with Health Care Connect. Some neat #Eric heart art is being made by @UkuleleJammin. Veronica contracts a flu. Eric's mom is scared for Eric. Trent Reznor fans present Reznor with a Penguins Jersey.
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listen to Veronica on Health Care Connect speak about Eric.

Noelle gives an update on Eric via Veronica. Veronica is still in NY. Eric has trouble breathing even though he's being oxygenated fine. They are transfusing him again. An ad for LifeGivers Foundation is placed in USA Today.
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Veronica appears on the Morning Show with Mike & Juliet to talk about healthcare reform. Click here to read the twlog..

Eric's esophogus is still ruptured. Well wishing and prayers for Eric's latest struggle is poured out from twitter once again. 13 Action News in Las Vegas updates their story.
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The Los Angeles Times has a great story on healthcare. Gratz to Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Wood, thanks for donating. Eric's right lung collapses. Veronica posts pictures of Eric's friends decorating his room. @ThereinLies has an interesting Eric inspired NIN remix.
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Siahoney gives further updates on the decorating of Eric's room with some pictures. An #Eric sign held up by an #Eric supporter is noticed by Trent Reznor during concert. North Dakota Senators acknowledge the issue regarding Eric. Eric having a rough day with blood still leaking into his stomach. Veronica addresses question rearding excess funds.
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Doctors decide to scope Eric to find where the bleeeding is occurring. A tense moment as Eric has to go through another intense procedure. Internal bleeding turns out not to be so bad. The first #Eric t-shirt!
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A variety of news stories appear on the heels of Janes Addiction joining the fight. Eric still in rough shape. Veronica & mom sleep at the hospital. Docotrs cannot figure out where the internal bleeding is occurring. Siahoney gives her first Eric update. Eric is given a transfusion of blood.
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Veronica is busy looking for a place to live by Eric's hospital. There is interest in the Obama Healthcare kickoffs. Eric has some internal bleeding causing concern. Doctors saying Eric got here 2 years too late, but working to make him better. There is interest in raising awareness during the Obama health care kick-off that is supposed to take place in the month of June. Notable news articles by Billboard.
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Jane's addiction joins the fight to save Eric and raise awareness to our failing health care system! Eric can finally receive visitors, however he is in protective isolation. He is doing well after surgery, and is thankful to be alive. He expresses his love for his sister Veronica and mom. Eric attempts to write Trent Reznor a note for all he's done.
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Trent Reznor announces something cool soon to be announced from Jane's Addiction. CNN correspondant blogs about Eric. Eric is awake and aware. He still cannot speak though.
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Eric recovers from bi-vad surgery. He is sleeping. Veronica posts some post-operation images of the support Eric is getting. Trent Reznor donors say hi to Eric on youtube videos. Tony Hawk and Trent Reznor give their support to Eric and family.
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Eric has emergency bi-vad surgery that takes 4 hours. Eric's a trooper and show courage before the operation. Tremendous outpouring from the twitter community on his behalf for a successful outcome.
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Tony Hawk skateboard is ready and on sale at the NIN store. Eric is in better shape after 3 rough days. Prayers continue to go out to Eric & family.
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We get a sneak peak of Tony Hawk signing skateboards for the #eric fundraiser. Eric's ex-girlfriend Noelle visits: a very touching moment. Veronica discusses excess donations. Prayers continue to pour out for Eric & family.
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Eric gaines transplant status 1a! Prayers requested. A cake is made for Eric. Veronica takes pictures of Eric's dreary hospital room. Well-wishing and prayers continue. Trent raises $858k total. Alyssa Milano tweets support for Veronica.
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Eric Heart Cake

Well wishings and prayers continue to go out for Eric. Veronica asks that we help decorate Eric's hospital room. Eric is very ill and will need to remain at the hospital until he gets a new heart. The original goal of raising $780k is passed up. Another plea for people to register as organ transplant donors goes out.
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Eric started the evalutation process but will continue the following day. In the meantime he is resting up during the holiday. A new red-tape video is made by @Thermopolas. Eric's mom takes a fall in the ICU, and may have broken something. Prayers and well-wishing pours out for Eric.
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The #Eric ♥ Twitter Army gains over 50 recruits in one day. A new petition is being circulated. Notable tweets by Kevin Smith, Al Roker, & Bobbie Thomas. Another tweet by Alyssa Milano. Eric is Air-Vac'd to an undisclosed LA hospital. @davidhoang creates a red-tape video.
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The #Eric ♥ Twitter Army gains 14 recruits in one day. Tony Hawk pledges to donate 100 signed collectible boards for the cause. Trent raises $645k for Eric. Veronica is still dealing with red tape at UCLA.
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The explosion of stories continues over the web. Veronica runs into red tape trying to get Eric into UCLA. Tony Hawk tweets for Eric.
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Eric is approved for Federal Medicare. An explosion of blogging and stories have appeared regarding Eric on the web mostly relating to Trent Reznor's effort. Trent Reznor raises over $500k in one day for Eric.
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Eric Twitter Heart Army starts building a substantial number of people. Eric's dog Chance goes to the hospital. Notable tweet from P.Diddy. First televised broadcast about Eric at local Las Vegas news stations. Trent Reznor joins the campaign and sells backstage passes with 100% of the money donated for Eric's heart!
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For those of you interested in meeting us / hanging out backstage at any upcoming NIN/JA dates AND helping someone in dire need, please CLICK HERE for more information.
-- posted by trent reznor at 5:59pm [May 20, 2009]
(this is too kewl!)

The campaign shifts gears to also raise money to pay for Eric's heart transplant. Money starts coming in. The first "heart #eric banners" start appearing on supporters avatars. Bloggers begin writing about the campaign. Youtube videos start appearing for Eric. Notable tweets by Demi Moore, The Expert, Annie Duke, Trent Reznor, Hal Eisner, and Alyssa Milano.
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May 13-12, 2009 the beginning (click to expand the summary)
The initial letter writing campaign to push Eric's case through to the courts is initiated. A couple awareness sites start appearing. A facebook page is created. Eric tweets thank you's.
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Latest #Eric Update

We were at the hospital until 4am with Eric. It's been v.challenging. His O2 saturation is very low even tho they have it set at 100% [...] (more..)

ERIC's been struggling. We've been by his bedside round the clock & we are hoping that your prayers will help [...] (more..)

He has a very high fever - 103. They have a cooling blanket on him. He hasn't been able to shake that infection [...] (more..)

They are trying to wean him off the breathing tube - which is proving to be quite a challenge. They've been bringing his sedation down, but then he becomes very aware of the tube and panics. [...] (more..)

[Eric's] chest x-rays are more than 50% improved, which is great because it means his lungs are clearing up. The doctors were so surprised, they said they couldn't believe they were looking at an X-ray of the same person [...] (more..)

I am very proud of Eric. The doctors are shocked at his turn-around. His numbers r holding steady and we are inching along, making progress [...] (more..)

Eric is hanging tough this morning. Still trying to fight off the infection in his lungs but the doctors changed the flow on his right VAD in hopes that it will allow that area in his lungs where the infection is to dry out [...] (more..)

Before we left last night [Eric] was running a slight fever again [..] His heart also [..] started beating 143 beats per minute for 15-20 minutes straight [...] (more..)

The doctor peeked his head in the room and said, "I don't know what you are doing it, but KEEP DOING IT!" Eric has had more kidney output in the past two days than he had in the 3 days prior, it's been amazing. [...] (more..)

They've taken Eric off two more drips because his BP is finally stabalizing [...] (more..)

[Eric] squeezed my hand and tried to kiss it. [..] God, I can feel u in the room today and I am so happy. Eric is doing better. [...] (more..)

I ended up having a dream I was figure skating to the song "Hurt", and then suddenly all of >#Eric's Twitter Army had gotten together to march [...] holding signs and demanding health care reform [...] (more..)

I am trying to be strong not only for Eric but for my Mom who can't stop crying. I keep telling her to be strong too [...] (more..)

We r working hard to get #Eric 2 pull thru this. BP is very low so they are giving him more blood right now. [...] (more..)

Eric is doing very badly. I am concentrating on having faith, not fear. [...] (more..)

[Eric] is still very sick with pneumonia [..] the doctors are asking no one go in his room [...] (more..)

Eric prays...when he prays he always asks God to put those less fortunate before him, even in the state he is in [...] (more..)

Eric has been very sick as of late [..] resistant to one of the antibiotics [...] (more..)

They are currently giving him platelets on top of transfusing him. Anyway you slice it, #Eric is very sick. Even the nurses are starting to say that. [...] (more..)

It turns out #Eric has pneumonia in his right lung. They have already started treating it, but we are going to limit visitors for awhile [...] (more..)

I am waiting for the doctors to get out of surgery and am starting to get impatient. Eric is still sedated and as far as I can tell, is comfortable right now. [...] (more..)

Even after #Eric's scope in the morning, they still weren't quite sure what was going on [..] they also wanted to look at his lungs and heart [...] (more..)

Eric's CT scans/test results are back, but we need the doctors to get thru all the info so we can find out what is going on. [...] (more..)

back from the hospital and it was another long & hard day. #Eric is not doing so well right now. He's been really struggling to breathe, so they intubated him again. He's back on a breathing respirator. [...] (more..)

The doctor said [..] that he has high hopes for #Eric, esp with him being so young. They finally removed all his chest tubes, so thats good news. [...] (more..)

[...] Eric is doing about the same . This morning he was continuing to complain that he was having trouble breathing... even though he was oxygenating OK. [...] (more..)

Eric is [...] having a rough day. [...] still transfusing him and are trying to get the bleeding under control [...] (more..)

[Eric's] esophagus is still bleeding. Drs r having a hard time getting it 2 stop [...] (more..)

[...] @siahoney and I have been hard at work trying to decorate #Eric's room. Eric's best friends are in town too and they've been helping. [...] (more..)

They are currently removing a few chest tubes because Eric's right lung has collapsed. They have been taking x-rays all morning & are trying to figure out the severity of the issue [...] (more..)

Having a bit of a rough one. Tried 2 get liquids back into his diet (he hasn't had anything since the surgery), but he can't keep anything down. [...] (more..)

He looked so much stronger than yesterday [...] We also decorated #ERIC 's room with colorful fish! LOL, it brightened up the room [...] (more..)

Great news! #Eric is done with his procedure. They finally figured out where the blood is coming from. [..] Eric has a tear or an abrasion in his esophagus, and that's where the blood's been coming from. [..] His best friend Josh is visiting .. [..] @Siahoney is here w/ me & we are just about to go in and decorate his room. [...] (more..)

Prayer circle please: they have finally decided 2 scope #Eric and he is being anaesthetized right now. Send positive thoughts, prayers, NRG

When I left #ERIC they were still transfusing him. [..] But #ERIC does look a lot better than when I saw him in Las Vegas [..] What crushed my heart #ERIC prayed for those less fortunate than him & he prayed to make it another night... tears [...] (more..)

Quick update: They are transfusing #Eric right now, trying to figure out how much blood he is losing. [..] We should know more in a few hours #ERIC [...] (more..)

Just got back from the hospital and I was happy to see #ERIC [..] we were able to reminisce about our childhood w/my yngr bro. It was good to laugh with him, #ERIC said some funny things. [...] (more..)

So I'm here in the hospital and I'm so grateful that I got to see #ERIC. He is doing well and I told him that everyone on Twitter is pulling for him. I know he REALLY appreciates it because he had the biggest smile on his face [...] (more..)

It's been a rough 24 hours. We ended up staying here in the hospital with #Eric last night as late as we could because he was in so much pain. [..] Eric has been battling a few different issues and has been very uncomfortable. He has an NG tube that runs thru his nose down into his stomach and there's been blood running thru it 4 the past 24 hours. [...] (more..)

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